“Rachel, I wanted to send you a thank you! I did my navy PRT measurements today and I was measured at 16.5% body fat. The cutoff is 21%! When I was measured months before I was at 21%.” Thanks, Chuck

“For years I have tried different diets and exercise programs. I had these “saddlebags” on my hips and by my second wrap I saw substantial results. It was amazing!” – D.M.

“I and a friend came for our first wraps three weeks ago. We were both doubting what the results would be. However, we were both pleasantly surprised! I am so excited! Plus it keeps working even after it’s done!” – N.B.

“After only a few wraps, the appearence of cellulite has almost disappeared!” – E.L.

“I’m a size 4 so, I didn’t think that I would see a big difference. And when I arrived in Florida I began retaining water (16 pounds) due to the weather change. I did 2 Fat Burner Wraps and a Slendertone Wrap back-to-back and saw great results! ” – K.Q.

“This has been a very good experience. I have noticed after about 3 or 4 wraps that I feel more energetic I also noticed today a very visible change in my waist area.” – Y.W.

“During my training to become a Wrap Technician, I went and bought 2 new pairs of jeans in the size I had been wearing. When I tried wearing them, they were too loose from the program i've been doing. I took them back to the store and got the next smaller size & they fit great!” – R.L.

“I’ve been a Martial Arts instructor for the past 11 years and trained for another 16 years before that. I was completely sure that there was nothing that the Wrap could tighten up on my body, as it was already pretty packed. Boy was I wrong. In 3 wraps I saw results. This REALLY works! The supplements are already improving my lifestyle.” – R.R.

"I look slimmer after my first time! I am really impressed. My Technician was excellent. I want her every time, she's great! The staff is so friendly and helpful." P.P.

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