The Body Wrap

The ultimate treat for anyone who needs all-the-above benefits The Body Wraps achieves.

Maximizing results and combining both wraps to ensure maximized detoxification of water release and toxin build up. Our contouring Segue Deluxe Wrap helps form and shape the body and curves desired, then you sleep away the unwanted inches under an hour.

According to author Nikki Rajala, it is estimated that infrared heat wraps can burn up to 1,200 to 1,400 calories in a session by simply increasing the body's metabolism through gentle infrared heat application, which explains the attraction to this method of weight loss. Far-infrared energy is believed to break down water molecules that accumulate and store unwanted toxins in the body that block blood circulation and impair cellular functions. Exposure to far infrared waves can steadily circulate blood, removing blood vessel blockages and promoting proper oxygen distribution to the body. The comforting heat from an infrared body wrap increases skin temperature, causing fats and oils to "melt" out of the skin's sweat glands, along with the toxins stored in fat cells. Along with the benefits are also the proper absorption of the minerals to help continue the detoxification days after your wrap. Proper diet and exercise will help speed up the process and reach your goals quick.

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